Buz Word

We Are All Clay Pots, Different Shapes And Colors But The Same Mortal Clay

Based on a philosophical conversation with Buz Orengo (Station 48)

Transcribed by G. Shannon

To understand the interconnectedness of humankind we only have to realize that the same life force runs through all of us. We are made of material that when you die will go back into the Earth to grow food to be eaten and recycled through generations. The breath you are now taking in has some of the same molecules exhaled by Babe Ruth. Human emotions are the same regardless of race, gender or class. We all crave peace of mind and abiding by the “Golden Rule” may assist in living in a conscious manner, which benefits you and the people around you. If we sow kindness as our seeds, that’s what will grow and return to us. If we make choices that divide us, we will remain in bondage and will fail to exist in the harmony we all desire. The deeper-wisdom we embrace will assure one another the support needed to do a job in a profession where comradery and teamwork are crucial for our very survival. To put it in terms that are not so esoteric the DNA make up of all us pots is exactly the same!
Buz Orengo


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