The Cream Of The Crop

By Gerry Shannon, Director

The question was asked many times, “How am I to learn this job from those veterans who have done it for thirty years?” You are looking at the resource to train people in the field in a way that can be passed on for the next hundred and twenty-five years. Al (the brains of the outfit) Gughemetti and Joe Wright, one of the sharpest officers in the department, have put together a team of experts to teach every aspect of fire suppression you could imagine. Rich Pogre, John Ahern, and Bob Childs can explain through example, any aspect of truck work, with the little nuances you won’t get from a book. Joe Douglass, Jim Murphy, Brian Kearney, Dudley Wood and Russ Albano can demonstrate how to operate and maintain an engine or any other equipment the S.F.F.D. has at it’s disposal, for maximum supply and performance.

These extremely dedicated individuals have given their best to the City of San Francisco and although they all shun praise, they are a resource for learning tricks of the trade, to do the job correctly. This knowledge is what could keep you and your fellow firefighters out of harms way. I hope it will be used to it’s fullest potential. They are there to teach hands on, by battalion, company or individual basis. The opportunity is awaiting everyone, the hope is this limited time offer is used with no down time.


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