By Roman Rubalcava

Hello. I’m going to attempt to bring everybody up to date on current H-3 issues. First of all, there was pretty good attendance at the last H-3 meeting on February 5th. I would like to remind everyone that the next meeting is on Monday, March 5th, at the Bayview Police Station on Williams street (cross of Newhall). Please show up to voice your opinions, as there are plenty of hot issues to be discussed concerning the upcoming MOU negotiations.

The minutes of the meetings are:

1. Discussion about the proposed seniority list. It seems that no matter which list the Chief chooses to adopt, someone will be unhappy and probably will file a grievance with the Union. The matter may ultimately go to an arbitrator since the previous administration made different promises to each of the different work groups (H-1 to H-3, H-2 to H-3, and laterals).

2. Passed by show of hands an amendment to ask the Chief to use the current proposed seniority list on this one occasion only for the purpose of conducting a vacancy bid.

3. Discussed the current plan from the EMS administration at the Presidio that would allow Paramedics to have a four month dedicated engine probation. This may be for former DPH paramedics and laterals only. Nothing is certain, but it seems that former H-2s will be excluded from the rotation, as they all have completed their firefighting probation. This is still yet to be determined.

4. Discussed one Paramedic / one EMT ambulances and under what conditions would we be willing to work with such a system.

5. We decided to postpone further discussion until the seniority list is finalized because the seniority list affects so many other H-3 issues (vacancy bid, engine time, vacations, details, etc.).

6. We identified ten issues concerning the H-3 workplace that are important to us. They are (not necessarily in order of importance):

1. Minimum staffing (system wide)

2. Workload (ambulances, medics, engines, dispatches)

3. Seniority

4. H-3 Probation/ field training on fire suppression companies

5. Scholarship fund

6. Department provided CEs on-duty, in writing

7. Decontamination of Uniforms and equipment (safety)

8. Written policy of the role of H-3s at a fire scene

9. Trading between Paramedics in different job classifications (H-1s, H-3s, 2532s)

10. Make the H-3 advisory committee official

7. Jonathan Huggins suggested that we draft a survey to prioritize these items for the upcoming MOU negotiations and send it out to all of the H-3s. He graciously volunteered to stuff envelopes at the Union hall to facilitate the dissemination of the survey.

8. Meeting adjourned.

As you can plainly see, there are many issues to be resolved. Everyone in attendance at the meeting agreed that the H-3 advisory committee members should do the actual presentations of our MOU concerns to the Executive Board; Therefore, it is imperative that people show up to the next few meetings to address these MOU issues.

Brie Mathews met with Chief Tobacco and John Hanley about the H-3 seniority list. She resubmitted a proposed seniority list based on advice from the Union’s attorney. Basically, all references to any NON H-3 were eliminated. Therefore, the seniority was submitted with only current H-3s in the same order that we agreed upon in our H-3 meetings. Former H-2s have the odd numbers and former H-1s have the even numbers. Anyone from the “even” side who hasn’t completed their training at T.I. yet but is expected to be in the next class will receive their “even” number when their training is complete. Therefore, that particular even number was not issued. All “odd” numbers not occupied will remain unoccupied up to the last former H-1. That is not to say that those numbers will all be filled by former H-2s. That will be addressed when PTP-4 gets appointed and that should be AFTER the new MOU gets approved. There is a large gap of numbers open after the last former H-1 and before the laterals...to allow for any members of PTP-4 or PTP-5 to be plugged in if that is how the new MOU will read.

As for the vacancy...at the last H-3 meeting we discussed a four-month engine rotation for paramedics. Chief Tobacco said that he wants to do this. The specifics of the vacancy still need to be worked out...when the seniority list is approved.

That’s about it for now...don’t kill the messenger. If you have any questions, please ask one of the H-3 committee members (Brie Mathews, Russ Zimmerman, Paul Mangiola, or Jim Strain). Don’t forget...The next H-3 meeting is on Monday, March 5th, 9:00 am at the Bayview Police Station. Please be there. Stay safe.


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