Buz Word

A Truly Wealthy Person Is One Who Enjoys What He Has

Transcribed by G. Shannon

It isn’t what you’re looking at but how you’re looking at it. When is the last time you thought about all the right things about being a firefighter, that we take for granted? Think of just five of the things that separate your occupation from the nine-to-five (with a half-hour for lunch) schedule. When we think of what is truly important to us, things like peace of mind are as accessible as our focus. Just appreciating what you have and the people you share your life with can create warmth and ease (A word lost in the western culture). To be healthy and alive and everyday being Friday (our job) could be enough. (The fact you will not be laid off next week). Compare our existence, taking a hot shower in your own house or a kitchen with all the foods and liquids you want, a large percentage of the rest of civilization can’t even imagine it. We take so much for granted, if there were more gratitude for what we do have we would be more content. And as Buz explained, “Contentment is the only true wealth”.

It seems as though, if we were sitting in a room full of gifts, we would be concentrating on the one present we don’t have! As Mark Twain put it, “My life has been filled with terrible misfortunes, most of which never happened.” We have no control over what thoughts come into our consciousness, however what we dwell on constitutes how we feel and what we internalize. Try sitting and just think of the best ten things in our lives, like children, health, time-off and the fact that we live in one of the most beautiful and affluent locations on the planet. If we resent what we don’t have, just changing our focus can change how we feel. We can glow with the same warmth as sitting on the beach in the sun. Buz says, “It’s gratitude not attitude.”


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