East Meets West
By Gerry Shannon, Director
The crew of the fireboat were host to two monks from Tibet on the eleventh of March. Pilot Arvid Harneras and Engineer Dennis Kennedy gave this distinguished group from this small unique country which has endured so much, a tour of the bay that they will not soon forget.

The cordiality of these firefighters, commanded by Lt. Tony Smerdel, that was accorded this unique group, will stay in their memory for years to come. The Trip was set up by Captain Ron Trainor and Lt. Dave Rege and is an example of how this station goes out of its way to accommodate people, for the image of the Department and the public they serve. Watching the exchange between Tony Rodriguez (Sta. 13), Dennis, Arvid, and Lt. Smerdel, with these “Men of Peace” from a far-off land was enlightening for any one who witnessed it. A thousand thanks, to the member of Station 35.

Two Tibetan Monks and the Fireboat.

Photo by: G. Shannon


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