St. Patrick’s Day Parade
From the Parade Facilitators
On Sunday, March 11, 2001, the members of Local 798 formed a marching unit and led the annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade up Market Street to the reviewing stand in front of City Hall. As usual, it has been reported that once again the SFFD was the darlings of the parade. This is quite an accomplishment when you think of all the Irish dancers and politicians that swarm to one of the largest parades in the world. On this beautiful sunny day in March, all of the brothers and sisters of Local 798 and their guests had their green on and were honorary Irish.

The facilitators of the parade would like at this time to thank all who participated in this wonderful community service event. First and foremost, I would like to thank Chief Tabacco and his administration for his assistance and support that he gave to the facilitators of this event. It was also delightful to see this Chief and DC’s Sullivan and Hayes-White actually participate in the parade. This was the largest group of administration and rank and file to participate in the oldest parade in San Francisco in the last fifteen years. That in itself, was a sign for the future of the SFFD. Secondly, our heartfelt thanks go to none other than our President of Local 798, John Hanley. John’s help in co-ordinating all the aspects of this huge event some times goes unnoticed. The next time you see him, don’t forget to give him an atta-boy. We would like to thank our beloved Fr. John Green for his support. Also, we like to thank the other locals for their attendance and support.

This year we were graced by the presence of the California Professional Firefighters Irish Pipe Band. They are not to be confused with our own San Francisco Irish Pipe Band that leads the parade every year, of whom some of its members, Jack Conway, Willie Durkin and Brendan O’Leary are Local 798 members. The CPF Irish Pipe Band led our local and made us proud of a great fraternity in all the different locals that participated in the parade. The next group we would like to thank our own brothers and sisters from Stations 1, 8, 11, 32, 35, and 30. All of you know that this program cannot exist without your individual support. Once again, the members of these stations have risen above what is normally expected of a firefighter’s duties, for the betterment of the Department.

The participants of this event knowing of the above mentioned thanks to the individual Captains and Stations, would be remiss if we did not mention Station 30. It was with the grace of Johnny V. and Melissa L. that we were able to satisfy the mass of people that attended this parade with a small token to advertise the Local’s Toy Program. It would also be said, the crowds came on a sunny day. It was a sunny day! Again, we would like to thank this administration for the use of the two reserve rigs, Nellie Belle and the ALF 800, which the crowd thoroughly enjoyed.

The last part of our event was the social held at the Temple Restaurant on Polk St. A fine thank you to Bridgit Garvey, who set it all up and then met a boy from London, which left us out in the cold. Up stepped Naresh, who had no problem with our order of 500 clients. We have to thank the SFPD’s help in this matter. Local 798 would like to personally thank brothers Steve Farac, John DiLuzio, Dan Gracia’s Father, and Pat Martinez’s son for their fine work as the band of St. Pat’s Temple Bar.

To all those that have been overlooked, we apologize. To all that know us, we will be around next year for the One Hundred Fiftieth Saint Patrick’s Day Parade. To all those that never have participated, come out and have a good time. Please enjoy the accompanied pictures of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade with the SFFD.


St. Patrick's Day Pictures

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