Buz Words

Based on the philosophical conversation with and also transcribed by Buz Orengo

This I believe,

People everywhere have years and years of culture, and memories of what was told and said. Words have been handed down from generation to generation. Some are correct, and some misunderstood, and some should be taken completely out of our vocabulary. The point being, once the word has left your mouth and is flying into someone’s ear, it can’t be retrieved, and that person who received the word could be hurt.

It’s a simple little thing but something we should all practice. As Buz always says, “ONE PLANET, ONE PEOPLE”.

Case in point.

Just the other day, while trying to be cute and funny, I opened my big mouth, and out popped a statement that, at the time I thought was funny. Just as I said it, I saw his expression, and I know this act wasn’t going as planned. Realizing what I did, seeing his reaction, I didn’t have any way to correct the wrong, with another comedy routine. Luckily this gentleman is a good friend of mine, and he accepted my apology.

As Buz Now Professes, “Think Before You Speak”.


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