Letter From The President
Brothers and Sisters

It’s been a solemn few weeks for the Brothers and Sisters of Local 798. Brother Dennis Gallagher, a member of Station 8 passed away on May 2nd from a heart attack directly related to the job. Dennis recently arrived to the SFFD from Mill Valley Fire where he was a firefighter for 15 years. Brother Gallagher was a lateral transfer fulfilling our need for Paramedics. By all accounts, Dennis was a stand-up guy who jumped in whenever needed and got along great with his new Brothers and Sisters of Local 798. He leaves behind a widow and two young children.

Neil Shea also had a heart attack and passed away on May 3rd. Neil had been a loyal member of Local 798 for 28 years. Much of Brother Shea’s service time had been spent at Jones Street Tank. Neil leaves behind a widow.

As everyone is aware of, Chief Tabacco will be stepping down on August 1st. Brother Tabacco rose up

through the ranks and scored well on every test. In my book, Paul Tabacco is the best Fire Suppression Chief in the country. We thank him for doing an excellent job since taking over and wish him and his family well on a well-deserved retirement.

Our new Chief Mario Trevino comes from Las Vegas. We would like to welcome him on behalf of the Brothers and Sisters of Local 798. We will get along fine as long as the Labor Laws of the State of California are adhered to, meet and confer sessions are met, safety equipment is provided, rigs are adequately staffed and our safety on the fireground is not compromised.

Good luck.

Contract negotiations are confidential however updates will be given at membership meetings. We are currently meeting about Civil Service Rule changes and information on this will also be provided at membership meetings.

Keep the Faith and count your Blessings.



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