Race for the Cure
October 21, 2001
By Jim Gallagher
The San Francisco Fire Fighters continued their support of the Susan B. Koman Foundation’s benefit race to assist in the search for a cure for breast cancer. While most of the firefighters participating were there to show their support, the San Francisco Firefighter racing team place three runners in the top 16. Andy Sobozinsky (Station 3) placed second in the masters division, finished 12th in a field exceeding 7,000 runners, and was the first firefighter over all. Larry McDonnell (Station 16) finished 15th, fourth in his age division, and second firefighter. Mars Rivera (Station 6) finished 16th, fourth in his age division, and third firefighter.

The finish places and times were the tops among “Corporate Teams”, and demonstrating not only compassion among San Francisco Firefighters, but extremely high level of fitness. All of the above firefighters finished under 18 minutes.

Congratula-tions and thank you to San Francisco Firefighters participating in this benefit race.


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