SFFD Horseshoe Team
By Brendan Ward
The final image of the SFFD Horseshoe Team showed Dave Long packing our box load of trophies into his camper as we left the Fire Olympics in San Diego. It was a glorious week for all. In the first year that the SFFD entered horseshoes at the Olympics, Engine 35 and the Fireboat made the Department proud. Eight members of this elite crew participated in the highly competitive sport. We were paired against some the best shoe-ers in the State of California.

Coach Kevin Devine inspired the crew with his throwing followed by the wily veteran, Tom Cooney. By the time Big Paul Crawford threw (overhand by the way) the entire competition stood in awe. Even in our few defeats, we were very classy. When Dan Kelly was beaten by the Champ “Buck”(from Los Angeles) by 24-2, Dan Humbly told Buck it was the best game he had ever thrown. Buck preened knowing that he defeated our best convincingly. Next year our traveling team will visit Pleasanton for the 2002 Olympics. We expect all of you to support the Horseshoe Team. Great entertainment for the right price.


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