Toy Program Kick-Off Luncheon
- November 14, 2001 -
By Melissa Lerma
The toy program has been off and running with many retired firefighters, their families and active firefighters jumping in and helping to get the program ready for it’s 52nd year.

On November 14, the kick-off lunch was generously prepared and served by station 11. Once again station 11 served a delicious crab cioppino much to the delight of over 150 guests. With their great spirit and on-going friendship with the toy program, the lunch went great with lots of laughs and the red cioppino sauce was flying (all the way to the fronts of a few white shirts, oops)!

Father Greene shared thoughtful words; a generous donation of $1,000.00 from Chris Cunnie of the police officers association was presented; Chief Trevino was on hand to show his support of the San Francisco Fire Fighters Toy Program. Mike Mustacchi photographed the afternoon and a lovely, heartwarming rendition of god bless America was led by Suzy Hart so we could all share a moment of respect.

Thanks to everyone who made the luncheon, we look forward to seeing you throughout the season. We are handing out toys, dropping off barrels and making pickups Monday thru Saturday; come down when you can. Check your firehouse e-mail for holiday events for off-duty firefighters. Call 777-0440 to sign up to volunteer for events. Stay safe.

Photos Provided By Melissa Lerma


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