Letter From The President
Brothers and Sisters,

Words can’t comfort the hurt that has befallen America and the Fire Service. I take solace in the Irish saying, “Where the wind blows hardest, the trees grow strongest.” It helps put the position that we are in as Americans and as Firefighters into perspective. The simple letters F-D-N-Y invokes the courage, bravery, and strength that is the heart of the USA.

Local 798 has accomplished much over the last few months. The Board of Supervisors has approved our two-year contract. This package did not happen overnight or as a happy accident. Many long hours were put in by your negotiating team- “ The Three Wise Men” (O’Connor, Kelly, and Moriarty). The groundwork for this package was started two years ago when members donated funds and worked far above the call of duty during Mayor Brown’s re-election run.

You, as a membership, have been an enormously helpful in making and supporting the Union’s positions and course of direction that has resulted in this favorable two-year package. Thanks to all the Brothers and Sisters of Local 798 for your support.

Ours thanks as a Union goes out to Mayor Brown. Without his effort and involvement in the negotiations, we would have had a much bigger hill to climb. Many thanks to our friends at the Board of Supervisors who recognized the important role of Firefighters and the dangers that we face as a part of duty. The Board of Supervisors voted 11-0 in favor of this package. The pictures of those who supported us are shown below. When you see them, thank them for what they have done for you as Local 798 Members.

Your Union is also working on moving the CPAT forward. Our CPAT demonstration at the Fire Commission went very well. Chief Joanne Hayes-White did an excellent job of showing the disparity between the two physicals. For those of you who haven’t viewed the current entry package for this demanding city— you, like me, will be shocked! Fire fighting is a demanding job, San Francisco is one the most demanding cities in the country, but the entrance exam doesn’t reflect this.

We are providing tapes of both physicals to San Franciscans to give them a better understanding of the issue, and to inform them that we currently don’t have a competitive entrance physical for the SFFD. We want San Franciscans to understand that a tougher entrance physical means a stronger Fire Department! If you or your station would like to see the tape, let us know. Our push for a more job related physical will continue!

On a lighter note, it’s never too early to start getting ready for St. Patrick’s Day. This year the San Francisco St. Patrick’s Day Parade will be dedicated to New York City Firefighters and Police Officers. We as a Union and the CPF will have our usual grand showing and we’ll be bringing some of our brothers out from New York for the event.

Other goings on here at the Union— we’re making progress on our Widows and Orphans Fund. We’re in the process of getting our Tax ID number, and getting our by-laws in place as well. Brother Tom Rey from 1 Truck did much of the groundwork on this. Sister Lerma has the Toy Program up and running. She thanks Johnny V and the members for all of their support. It’s going to be a great year for at the Toy Program!

This Holiday Season, we would particularly want to reach out to a few of our members. Please keep the family of Con Lucy from Station 11 in your hearts and prayers. Also, some of our members have been called into the Armed Forces to defend our country. One of them is Brother Joe Driscoll. He has been a star in the Union Movement and at the Retirement Board. All of the benefits that we’ve enjoyed in the last 25 years can be directly related to Joe. Knowing Joe, he’ll be in the thick of it on his Tour. God’s speed and we look forward to having you back home again.

Happy Holidays and
God Bless America,
John Hanley


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