By Jim Vannucchi, Director
At a recent charitable event to raise monies for the FDNY Relief Fund, in the finest tradition of the SFFD, one of our own demonstrated such generosity, that it pleads to be shared with the membership.

When the winning ticket of the event was called to award the grand prize, a 2002 Harley-Davidson Road King, FF Kevin Shea of 5 Truck stepped forward, inquired what the cash equivalent was in lieu of the bike, then directed that this amount, in its’ entirety, be donated to charity. With little fanfare and a very humbling shuffle, Kevin faded back into the crowd, content with the knowledge that someone less fortunate than he carried the day.

Firefighter, thy name truly is compassion.


The talk of the town has finally come to a vote. As of this writing, the MOU for 2002-03 was approved by the Finance Committee and passed 11-0 at the first reading of the Board of Supervisors.

There were many unsung heroes in this contractual campaign and I would be remiss if I did not bring them to the forefront. The most paramount being the principal officers of the SFFF LOCAL 798 Executive Board. For many weeks that eventually faded into many months, I watched as President John Hanley, Vice-President Joe Moriarty, Secretary Frank Kelly and Treasurer Tom O‘Connor endured the rigors of the bargaining table at great personal expense. Each one of these individuals sacrificed their time, their families and their health to ensure that you, the membership received a fair and equitable contract. Your hat should be off to them.

Additionally, I wish to extend my deepest appreciation to our attorney of record, Dianne Sidd-Champion. In concert with a tremendous work ethic, her experience and insight in the world of Labor Law proved invaluable as she helped guide our ship to shore.

Further, I wish to applaud Mayor Willie Brown, the Board Of Supervisors, and Alice Villa Gomez of Human Resources. These individuals acknowledged the importance of the SFFD and recognized its’ most valuable asset: its’ members. Thank you.

And finally, to you the membership for giving the officers of the Executive Board the one thing that I value above all. Your trust.


The Candidate Physical Agility Test or CPAT. Currently, one of the most widely researched and discussed issues that LOCAL 798 has ever addressed.

CPAT is a compilation of standards for entrance into the fire service requiring a recruit to meet established minimums in order to be successful in his or her bid for employment.

Fire suppression is no easy task. It is physically demanding and, all too often, deadly. The SFFD has a long and rich tradition of mounting aggressive attacks to preserve life and property, but these undertakings extract a heavy toll even on the fittest of firefighters. It is not an environment for the unqualified.

Help us establish CPAT as the standard for entrance into the SFFD and insure that we fulfill our oath to each other and the public that we serve.


As a bi-product of the Demmons Administration, promotional exams ceased to exist. The end result being total chaos at the station level. Companies just do not effectively function in any context without a consistent level of supervision.

Our members who serve in an Assignment or LWLP capacity have labored extraordinarily hard to bridge the gap in leadership but permanency is necessary. Exams for promotion must be administered.

Under Meet and Confer, Civil Service has stated their desire to utilize the “Rule of the List” for appointment on all future tests. LOCAL 798 is firm that the “Rule of Three” be enforced or face a legal challenge. This is where both sides are currently entrenched with very little light at the end of the tunnel. It perplexes me to this day how any individual, who in some instances scores less than 50% on an examination, feels they are as deserving for consideration to appointment as someone who scored substantially higher. Aside from that little thing you swore to that we call an oath, don’t you have any personal pride?

To address the current need for continuity in management at the company level until a resolution on appointments is reached, the administration is proposing provisional appointments in all ranks. The proposed selection processed will be based on a combination of seniority, education, experience and associated factors and will be delineated in a future General Order.


On December 19, 20 & 21, the SFFF LOCAL 798 is sponsoring their tri-annual blood drive. We have close to 2,000 members in the SFFD, yet, at our last drive, we failed to reach a bare 100 pints donated.

Do what we do best. Save a life. Give a pint of blood and enjoy the culinary and beverage expertise of Bob Arzave, Romy Scott and Mark Sikora. You will be embraced by an atmosphere of charity and friendship.


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