John Travolta Visits The Toy Program
By Melissa Lerma
On October 22, 2001, John Travolta made a guest appearance at the toy program to offer a couple of hours of time to help bring attention to our toy drive.

On short notice and with a helpful mention in Matier & Ross, the toy program prepared for this huge star’s visit and rolled out the “red carpet”. Under the guidance of Sally Cassaza, our new office administrator at the Union, all the details of such a high-profile visitor were tended to. Thanks, Sally.

The visit was great with Mr. Travolta signing autographs and taking pictures with fans and volunteers. Mr. Travolta took a tour of the firehouse and took special interest in Louie’s; the memorabilia and photographs caught his eye.

As he left he was approached by a TV Station and his comments in regards to September 11th seemed to come from his heart. He was deeply touched by the heroic efforts of our brothers and made his respect for firefighters clearly known. Enjoy the photos.

Photos Provided By Melissa Lerma

Photos by Krisztian Kereszti Orban


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