Toy Program – 2001
By Melissa Lerma
It is with immense satisfaction and great relief that the Toy Season has come and gone…it was fast, fun and fulfilling - but a little nerve-wracking. I have been lucky to experience this wild roller coaster ride right up in the front seat, but as everyone knows it’s only fun when you can go with friends, and that’s what the Toy Program is about. The retired guys, the firehouses, off-duty firefighters and their friends and family that have helped out are not only volunteers but are friends with the Toy Program. This program has a life of its own and these friends care so much about its well-being. Even if we had all the toys and money we needed, it could not work without the effort and time from the friends who care and help in running the Toy Program.

Thanks so much to each of you. A very special volunteer, Marge, shared with me the following “the reward is in the volunteering itself.” So to everyone who joined in this year, I hope you found reward in all you’ve so generously done.


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