Around The Green
By Darryl Loo
Chardonnay Golf Club
March 20, 2002

After several days of inclement weather, we were fortunate to be blessed with a fine day to play. We had a strong showing of golfers for our opening tournament and we teed it up at this beautiful facility. This year we are playing a difficult schedule and I figure that this was going to be a year for the “A” flight to shine. Several excellent players responded to the challenge.

Tom Kiernan and Chris Zaczek shot 75’s for net 68’s and a tie for first in the “A” flight. Following closely in a tie for 3rd, Travis rail shot what he claimed was a “disappointing 81”. With Arnie Lee, last year’s “A” flight champ, shooting an 89 for net 69’s. Dave Monteverdi had a 79 net 70 to finish 5th.

One “B” flight member had the game to conquer this tough track. Long hitting, Paul Crawford shot a solid 87 net 66 to take the early lead in the “B” flight. Maybe he will play in more events this year. Two of our regular playing fellows, Mark Johnson and Rob Vigil, tied for 2nd place with scores of 99 and 101 respectively for net 72’s. Dennis O’Neill followed in 4th with Tony Bendik in 5th.

Following the tournament, Chardonnay golf club hosted our annual golf banquet. We had an excellent dinner and were very pleased by the effort put out by the staff. We presented our club awards and passed on the club trophy which will grace Station 17’s Terry Smerdel’s mantel for the year.

The “A” flight was won by Arnie Lee, followed by Jerry Hess and John Won. In a runaway effort, Terry won the “B” flight and overall title. Last year’s champ, Leo Tingin, had another solid year to finish in 2nd place. A third member of the Station 2 playing group, Dave Thompson, finished in 3rd place. Hey, Chris Diaz, maybe you should keep score so you can contend this year. Great job to all our winners.

Unfortunately, I must address a concern of some, if not most, of our members. Slow play. Everybody knows that playing shotgun tournaments can be slow and we hope that we can play in less than 5 hours. A normal round of golf, walking, can easily be played in 3-4 hours. I know this to be true since I normally play in this time frame. Shotguns are not going to be played at this pace. But it is hard to believe that you can not keep up playing in a shotgun. If you are 1 full hole behind, pick up the pace to close the gap. Any gap longer than that is a joke. People always like to single certain players as the culprit, but keeping pace is a group effort. There are ways for your group to increase their pace of play without having to hurry.

1. Play ready golf, there are no honors on the tee.

2. Read your putts while waiting, so you are ready when it is your turn.

3. Hit your shot before helping to search for a lost ball.

4. If you must take 4 practice swings, do so while you are waiting for your turn.

5. Plan your shots in advance. Be ready to hit your shot when it is your turn.

6. Playing thru is not an option. Pick up the pace and keep up!!!!

7. Keeping pace is good courtesy.

Ok, enough of golf etiquette by Darryl. You slow players or groups, do the club a favor and attempt to keep up. Thanks for the great showing at Chardonnay and I will see you all at Monterey.

Also NCGA single qualifier is going to be held during the Presidio Tournament. Inquire if interested.


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