The Dinner Table at Two Truck is Almost Silent
By Gerry Shannon, Director
We have all evolved from the old tribal system where each member played a crucial role to ensure the survival of the Group. In this ancient system there was a tier of importance or pecking order, which depicted your value to the Tribe. At the top was the Chief, then there was the Witch Doctor, the Storyteller, and at the bottom were the Hunters and Gatherers (the workers). Steve Christensen was our Storyteller. He had elevated himself to the position in the Tribe where the common laborers were to reap the benefit of his God-given talent for weaving a tale so spellbinding that movies and books paled in comparison.

Steve would hold court at the Firehouse, at drills, banquets, and golf tournaments, even in front of working fires. So special was his gift that in return for tales, nothing else was asked of him for 32 years of employment. An easy chair, a cup, and an adoring audience was all Cowboy Steve needed to spin his web - this job was made for him.

Anyone who has worked with Steve can remember going late into the night to hear how he faired in his latest adventure, which usually began with ... “geez, you wouldn’t believe what happened to me....” If there was blame to be placed for the outcome of the incident being related, it was usually placed on one of his cohorts depicted in the story.

I don’t think I’ve ever met a more likable guy in my 32 years with the SFFD. Nor do I think I know of a guy whom firefighters wanted to work with more in the close-knit confines of the firehouses which Steve graced with his stoic presence. Even “Notso” Lovely apparently didn’t have a bad word to say about his buddy. Two Truck won’t be the same with Steve’s retirement. He won’t be blazing new trails during housework time, and the new guys won’t get the experience of his expertise. Lt. Diaz tells me they’re having the “Stevo Lounger” bronzed and sent back to the Smithsonian. And so it goes, another chapter in the annals of the “Old Fire Department” is closed. Happy trails Steve, you will be missed.


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