Letter From The President
April 4, 2002

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our members did a fabulous job on the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. Station 8 members Ramon Serrano and Arnold Logue returned from a 5th alarm at 5am and started the potatoes. Ron Apostoli and his son Justin were cracking eggs at 0630. Don Russo and Fred Calonico were singing Frank Sinatra tunes and having lively conversations about Irish history and its impact on world history. Joe Fitz from E-35 handled any task that was needed. Jack Cremen and the brothers and sisters from Station 11 provided us with clean rigs and great supplies. Jerry Keohane, Mike Walsh, and Melissa Lerma did the organizing and planning for the Parade. Thanks to all! Mike Quinn from E-1 was our EMS coordinator - a fine job all hands.
Our pension upgrade ballot measure 3% at 55 is moving along. Board President Tom Ammiano will carry this legislation to the Board. Supervisors who have signed on are Ammiano, Hall, Leno, Maxwell, Newsom, Sandoval and Yee.

We’ll plan on having a special meeting devoted to the ballot measure. You’ll be notified at worksite locations of the date and time. Dan Dunnigan will run our field operations for our brothers and sisters at both Local 798 and the POA as well. Dan has experience in field operations and is a member of the Democratic Central Committee.

Our operations will be broken by Divisions 1, 2, and 3; with Headquarters and Airport being separate Divisions. Running Division 1 will be Jim Vannucchi and Bob Arzave. Division 2 will be Wayne Stewart, Division 3 will be Dennis King and Eileen McCrystle. Dennis Kruger will run the Airport Division and Terry Smith will be in charge of Headquarters.

In the campaign, we’ll have Precinct Captains (those people will go door-to-door to solicit our point), speakers, and sign delivery as the campaign grows in September, October and November. We’ll need full participation of the membership in one form or another.

Keep in your Prayers Dave Shapona from Station 14.

Keep the Faith,
John F. Hanley


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