San Francisco Fire Fighters Local 798
ING Aetna Financial Service
Announce a series of seminars to help in planning for your financial future. Below are the seminar topics and dates. Hope to see you there!

June Union Meeting

Mutual Fund Investing
We will answer important questions that make mutual fund investing less chance and more science. This is accomplished by taking the guesswork out of mutual fund purchases.

July Union Meeting

Reacting to a Changing Stock Market
You will learn about the stock market, how to prepare for a downturn, and ways to take advantage of market declines.

August Union Meeting

Credit and Debt Management
Discussion topics include: When is credit good/bad? How do lenders evaluate credit? Credit card features. Home equity loans. Home loan prepayment. Too much debt. How to get out of debt.

September Union Meeting

Retire Early
This seminar presents case studies that demonstrate how people can achieve their dream of successful early retirement.

October Union Meeting

Financial Check-Up
This seminar presents shows you where you are today, where you should be tomorrow and how to get there. Attendees will discover what steps to take to dramatically improve your financial health.

November Union Meeting

Retirement Income
How much money is needed to retire? When to start drawing Social Security? How to generate tax deferred income? In addition to answers to these questions, you will acquire tools you need to build a financially secure retirement.

December Union Meeting

Year-End Tax Strategies
Through discussions on tax breaks, income deferral and tax credits, this class will help you find areas to reduce your taxes.


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