Around The Green
By Darryl Loo
Monterey 2002

For our inaugural two-day road trip, we were faced with the daunting task of playing two very difficult courses, Poppy Hills and Bayonet. Poppy Hill, the NCGA’s beautiful home course, is a tree lined and well-protected test of your ability to strike the ball. While the tough Bayonet course at Fort Ord forced the players to hit long and accurate drivers. Both course’s well-sloped and tricky greens made every two putt a not so sure thing.

Preceding this well anticipated event the weather looked ominous. Storms were rolling through the region and rain gear was packed and made ready. On arrival the weather cleared and the fog rolled back. Both days dawned to clear and sunny skies. Our members were excited to tackle these tracks and were rewarded with great conditions . Several fellows were up to the task as some outstanding scores were recorded. One gentleman shot 78 and 74 to take the A flight. Jerry Hess shot these two great scores. I thought we would have trouble shooting our handicaps much less being well under par. Not only did he shoot under par he shot 7 strokes under for the two days. Great golf to say the least.

Three other A flight players also broke par for the two days and should be commended Jim Mellberg had two excellent rounds and finished two strokes back. Mike Peterson, a somewhat new addition to our club shot under par two straight days, but could only finish in third place. I’m extremely surprised by the scores recorded. Dave Jackson a long time mainstay of our Golf club rounded out our top four at a total of 143. WOW!!! Super golf guys.

One of our former club champs proved that he was interested in reclaiming the cup. Leo Tingin shot a net 62 on Poppy Hills, the lowest score of his golf career. His two day total of 130 ran away from the B flight by a whopping ten strokes. Several of our regular playing lads also broke par in the B flight, which came as a big surprise. I thought that none of the second flight would do that. Steve Coffey had a 140 total and finished in second place. Good playing Steve. Living near a tough track, Boundary Oaks in Walnut Creek must be paying off. Terry Smerdel our current Cup holder was also under his handicap to finish third. He is determined to retain that trophy. This two day tournament format was a great success and had only positive comments. We hope to continue this new tradition and would appreciate any comments and suggestions. Of course great weather and playing on superb courses had a lot to do with this response. Also compliments to Frank Bonal and John McNulty should be due. They did an incredible job of organizing and implementing this trip. Great job!!! A lot of time and effort went into the event. Thank you.

Presidio 2002 - May 6, 2002

At the beginning of the year we sat down and tried to come up with a great schedule. A lot of courses were discussed and one Presidio G.C. was considered. This wonderful course in the heart of the City was contacted and we didn’t think it was going to be doable. Mr. Mcnulty was determined to include this on the schedule. He worked with the tournament director and got us a great package. Those of us who grew up in the City know about this classic course. Even though it is one of the few golf courses in the city limits, it was always just talked about. The Presidio was as exclusive as some of it’s more famous brothers, such as the Olympic Club. But now we all have the opportunity to play this deceivingly difficult gem. This course is protected by the most difficult of hazards the wind and tight greens. You need to have all your clubs dialed in to score, especially your putter.

At the beginning of the day the wind was blowing at a moderate pace, but as the day progressed it steadily increased until it was howling. Regardless of the conditions we had some solid rounds posted. Frank Bonal despite teeing off last in the worst of the wind managed to shoot a net 66 to finish in first place. If not for several poor holes he could have shot much lower. He had some great shots. The A flight is going to be very tough this year. Whoever wins this flight will earn it. Two players seem to be the front runners in the early going. Travis Rail has been the most consistent player in our club for the last three years. Once again, he was right in the thick of things. His 79 put him in a tie for second place and a spot near the top of the standings in the A flight. Tom Kiernan has played twice this year with John McNulty and has produced 75’s on both occasions. Maybe John is his good luck charm. Soon Tom will be buying John dinner after their round. His tie for second has him in the lead for the Club Championship Cup. Dave Haberlin and Phil Kelber both shot 79’s to tie for fourth place. Some good play is being executed out there, so bring you’re A game you A flighter’s. This month we had some different players on our leaderboard. Because of our tough schedule, the B flight will see a variety of leaders. This month, Kip Gargano and big Gene Maher vaulted to the top of the leaderboard with net 65’s, winning their flight. Jerry Sullivan’s net 66 captured third place, bad leg and all. Finishing fourth is the pride of two truck, Bob Territo, with a net

We have our Silverado tournament approaching in June. I would like to extend an invitation to our members to bring guests. Please try to confirm your guest’s participation prior to the tournament date. Remember, when calling the golf line, make sure to leave the names of all players you are signing up.

On tournament day, please try to check in at least one hour prior to the start time. This applies to both starting time and shotgun tournaments. This allows the golf committee a chance to get organized before tee time. Thanks for your cooperation in advance.

During the Presidio tournament, we had planned to have the NCGA singles qualifier. Due to massive brain lock by the committee, we forgot. We will remember to have it at Silverado in June, as long as you remember too. We’ll see you in Napa, and remember to call in early and reserve your spots. In case you forgot, the golf line is 415-822-9500. Thanks again.


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