By: Francis D. Kelly, Secretary
On May 9, 2002, the Fire Commission voted unanimously to adopt the Candidate Physical Abilities Test (CPAT) as the entry-level physical for the San Francisco Fire Department.

CPAT, developed several years ago by the International Association of Fire Chiefs and the International Association of Fire Fighters, has won acclaim as a job-related entry-level physical and has the support of the United States Justice Department. CPAT has been adopted by more than 200 cities throughout the United States.

May 9, 2002 will embrace a new era for firefighters, citizens and taxpayers of the City and County of San Francisco. Chief Mario Trevino and Fire Commissioner Paul Conroy deserve special recognition for their perseverance to ensure CPAT became a reality. Fire Commission President Steve Nakajo, Vice

President Russell Roeca, Commissioners Pat Norman and Carlota del Portillo should be applauded for their patient and thorough examination of all the facts. Deputy Chief Joanne Hayes-White and Captain Rich Kochevar of the Division of Training are to be congratulated for their presentation of CPAT before the Fire Commission on November 9, 2001. All of the aforementioned certainly deserve recognition and our thanks. However, Chief Mario Trevino undoubtedly was the driving force for CPAT’s acceptance. From day one Chief Trevino has been a proponent of CPAT. As a member of the International Association of Fire Chiefs and recently elected president of Metro Chiefs, Chief Trevino recognizes and acknowledges the importance of physical conditioning, not only for entry level firefighters, but for all firefighters in the City and County of San Francisco. As Commissioner Paul Conroy related during his sponsorship and support of Resolution 02-2, heart and lung disease is still the leading cause of deaths for firefighters throughout the United States. Every active and potential firefighter should be well aware of the statistics relating to heart and lung disease and make every effort throughout his/her career to protect themselves. Conditioning such as bike riding, running, walking, rowing, weight lifting, whatever aerobic exercise you may enjoy should be an integral part of every firefighters life. The first hurdle is cleared, now we must be diligent to ensure CPAT is strictly adhered to. A benefit to all Firefighters has been unanimously endorsed by the Chief of the Department and the Fire Commission. From Local 798 and all of our members we thank you.


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