By: Francis D. Kelly, Secretary
On April 5th and 6th in Sacramento, California, the dedication of the Firefighters Memorial on the Capitol grounds and the banquet honoring 855 of California’s Bravest was truly a memorable and emotional event. To Dan Terry, President of the CPF and his staff we at Local 798 extend our most heartfelt thanks for a job well done.

To the 2000 uniformed California Firefighters who marched in the procession, you once again proved that loyalty and the bond of family is woven into the heart of all firefighters. To the widows, widowers, children and parents of fallen firefighters who attended the ceremonies, God bless you. We all wish we could spend one more day with a loved one, in his or her presence. That day, April 6th in the grove beside the State Capitol, there was a tremendous feeling of presence. When I saw the widow of a San Francisco Fire Fighter touch her trembling fingertips to her husbands name on that marble stone

I was overcome with emotion. Turning away, tears running down my cheeks, unable to suck it up, his face flashed in my memory. I’ll revisit the Memorial soon, on a quieter day, when I can sit in the grove and look for the names on the Wall of all the firefighters I worked with, remembering them in sweeter times. I recommend that all of you visit the Memorial site. It’s a beautiful honor to all firefighters who paid the ultimate sacrifice, not only honoring all who gave but also all who survive.

Never forget them, and never forget that because of them we enjoy benefits unparalleled by any other labor organization.

Thank you again Dan Terry and thanks again to all of you at the CPF who worked so hard to bring this dream to fruition.


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