By Melissa Lerma
The Toy Program will be well under way by the time this issue of the Mainline is distributed. We will have already given families gifts to share with their children. We will have distributed a couple hundred barrels, moved thousands of toys, attended holiday events picking up donations and have had great meals served by the firehouses. We will be doing this through December 24. If you haven’t made it down to help out, please try to put aside at least a day to give us a hand. We don’t go outside the firehouses for volunteers. We don’t solicit for volunteers. The people that volunteer at the Toys are retired firefighters and off-duty firefighters and their families and friends.

When you arrive, sign in by the kitchen. If you want to do pick-ups and deliveries, see Ed or Linda. If you want to stock shelves and help in the warehouse, ask for Mario or Ray. If you want to help with the holiday events or Santa’s Workshop on Wheels, see Steve. If you want to hand out toys, see Melissa.

The Toy Program is located at the retired firehouse on 3rd Street just a block south from Pac Bell Park. We used to say the comer of 3rd and 4 th Street, but 4th Street doesn’t come through anymore. If you take Mariposa exit off of 280N, go right on Mariposa and then left on 3rd and drive about 1/2mile and the Toy Program is on the right, before the Pac Bell parking lot. If you come down along the Embarcadero, make a left on 3rd, go across the bridge and drive about 1/4mile, we are on the left.

The Toy Program is open Monday through Saturday, 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We start at 8:00 am loading up the shelves so they will be full when the first families arrive at 9:00 am. If you need any further information, please call 777-0440. Thanks and we hope to see you down here.

Photo submitted by Melissa Lerma


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