Toy Program Season 2002
By Melissa Lerma
The Toy Program season is over and we are saying thank you to everyone who helped out. The firehouses are applauded for their role in this program that reaches out to children and makes the holiday what it’s supposed to be: fun, happy and full of surprises. The firehouses and their involvement have been instrumental in making this program work.

Every firehouse is involved in this program year round. The public constantly delivers new and barely used toys to the firehouses. These donations are the stock that we start off with in the beginning of our season when donations are just starting to trickle in. A trip to the firehouse also gives the public an opportunity to connect with their neighborhood firehouse. Children will come in with their parents, meet the firefighters and share their toys that they want to donate.

The busiest time by far is when the applications are dispersed amongst the firehouses starting on November 1, with the doorbell ringing incessantly for the next few weeks. A big THANK YOU to the firefighters for handling these requests kindly and patiently.

And finally, thanks to all the stations that offered so generously to prepare a “firehouse” lunch at the Toy Program for our daily volunteers. These lunches have become such a big part of the Toy Program. Thank you for a job well done.

Photo submitted by Melissa Lerma


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