By: Laura F. Kelly
As noted in a an article I wrote a few years ago concerning our paychecks, it is important that you review every pay stub you receive as mistakes have unintentionally been made. After our contract is negotiated, I’ll resurrect the article so we can revisit how each and every line on your pay stub is calculated.

In the meantime, for you newer members, please Watch Your Step! This means check the SFFD Compensation for Uniformed Employees page that hangs from a bulletin board in your firehouse and ensure the hourly wage on your pay stub matches your years in the Department.

From January 4, 2003 to June 30, 2003 your H-2 hourly wage should be as follows:

1st Step: $20.9479
2nd Step: $25.3542
3rd Step: $26.6042
4th Step: $27.9063
5th Step: $29.3438

If you find an error on your pay stub, you can contact our Payroll department. Their main number is 558-3440. Or, you can contact your specific Payroll clerk directly:

Stations Payroll Clerk Extension
1-10 Fanny Lee 3441
11-18 Carolyn Champagne 3498
19-29 Sue Peirano 3499
31-48 Sheila Reid 3438
Other Belinda Chin 3601


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