Not since Pearl Harbor has our country been so savagely attacked as it was on 9/11/2001. The enemy this time was not a sovereign nation; however the people responsible for these cowardly acts present a danger unequaled in our history. They target innocent civilians with no regard for their own lives, claiming to represent the Islamic religion, which they don’t. Once again our military has been called upon to answer these threats and as usual they have responded with 110% dedication and resolve to be victorious in the War on Terrorism. It is our duty as American Veterans to support our military personnel, their families and loved one’s as well as showing the civilian population just what our veterans are made of.

The San Francisco Police/Fire Post #456 of the American Legion is your way to show support and patriotism in these dangerous times. NYPD/FDNY and other first responders have shown their heroism and the American people have learned just how dedicated we all are to their safety and well being. This has been exemplified by people leaving flowers in front of fire stations and waving to police officers on patrol all across the country. Now is the time for us to step up to the plate and engage ourselves in this War on Terrorism.

I urge all veterans within our respective departments to attend the Post meetings. The meetings are located at Mission Police Station 630 Valencia Street at 17th Street in the Community Room, the second Tuesday of the month, 1800 hours. These meetings are open to all SFFD, SFPD, SFSO, SFIPD, AND SFDAI.

All you Nam Vets who came back to the world and found “no thanks” for your sacrifice and service, all you Korean Vets who fought the forgotten war and all you Gulf War Vets who fought so gallantly; don’t let the current serving military personnel encounter the woes you suffered, upon their return. No recognition by the U.S. Government of Agent Orange or Gulf War Syndrome etc. A strong veterans voice will not allow these past transgressions by our government to occur again. The World War Two Vets are passing from the scene at the rate of 1800 per day and more recent vets are being called upon to carry on. This is not only the honorable thing to do, it is our duty as veterans.

Joe Long
Past Commander Post #456
Past Member War
Memorial Commission
Former Housing Officer
District Attorney Investigator (Ret.)


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