Letter From The President
You guys and gals showed the strength of this Union by the amount of bodies that showed up at our Rally to Save Neighborhood Firehouses on February 24, 2003, and at our Mayoral Candidates’ Night held on March 13, 2003. At each event, we had over 350 participants which open eyes all over town. Thanks for organizing these events goes to Dan Dunnigan, Melissa Lerma, Brendan Ward, Karen Heald, John Chung, and radio personality, the great friend of Local 798, Bernie Ward, for his participation in our Rally to Save Neighborhood Firehouses. Thanks also goes to our staff at the Union Hall; Sally, Barbara and Gail.

Our campaign to save the firehouses is up and running. Our bus and transit ads “Cut the Fat, not the Firefighter” are all over town. We’re continuing our doorhanger drops. Speak with your Station Steward regarding the next date. The response to our doorhanger is fantastic. We have a database of over 2,000 San Francisco residents who are prepared to speak and write letters on our behalf.

If everyone could remember to look at our Bulletins and keep the date in mind when we do our doorhangers. The doorhangers have become a very effective tool in our battle to keep neighborhood firehouses open.

Our St. Patrick’s Day Parade was another well attended event. Ramon Serrano, Fred Calonico and Colin McKenzie organized a Station 8 Breakfast. They cooked for over 200 firefighters. Again, a job well done by Station 8 with help from our friends from 35 Engine.

It was Dan Murphy’s last stroll down Market Street on St. Patrick’s Day. He’s on the homeward bound stroll of a 33-year career in the SFFD. Good luck Dan.

Our candidate for Mayor was voted on by the members on March 13. The winner is Gavin Newsom. It was a tough choice for all of us because of the quality of all five candidates (Angela Alioto, Tom Ammiano, Susan Leal, Gavin Newsom and Tony Ribera). All have been loyal friends of this Union. Many of our allegiances with the candidates span 25 years or more.

Keep the faith.
John Hanley


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