Letter From The President
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our mayoral candidate, Gavin Newsom, has come in first in the race for Mayor of San Francisco. Remember, the run-off will be on Tuesday, December 9th and the Mayoral Race will continue until that date. Your Union will still need your efforts for our candidate to win. Dates and times of precinct walks will be mailed to your stations and your homes.

Thanks to active and retired members who sent checks in to the Union for Newsom for Mayor. We were able to raise over $10,000.00 for his campaign.

Our candidate for District Attorney, Kamala Harris, is also in the run-off election. Please ensure that she receives your support and vote.

Supervisor Gonzalez (Mayoral Candidate) has proposed a ballot measure for the March ballot that will change the City Charter in terms of how firefighters negotiate our contracts. The current language reflects that Firefighters’ Local 798 can negotiate past the July 1 timeframe for our contract. Some Unions must be finished by July 1. Others, like us, Cops and Muni, have charter language that can go beyond the July 1st deadline. Our issue is that firefighters have signed on “never to strike” clause which enables us to extend the bargaining until September. I think that’s a fair deal for the City and Local 798. Unfortunately Supervisor Gonzales does not see the light and wisdom of our position.

We need 6 “No” votes on this issue. Please call the following Supervisors and, in a professional manner, ask them to vote “No” on Supervisor Gonzalez’ proposed Charter Amendment that affects firefighters’ negotiations. If we can get 6 “No” votes on the issue it will not be placed on the Ballot.

Supervisor Tom Ammiano 554-5144
Supervisor Chris Daly 554-7970
Supervisor Matt Gonzalez 554-7630
Supervisor Tony Hall 554-6516
Supervisor Aaron Peskin 554-7450
Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval 554-6975

A group of Rescue Captains have filed a grievance with the IAFF concerning the Executive Board. The issue has to do with non-representation. This issue is now in the hands of the IAFF, when we have more information concerning the charges we will let the Membership know.

Congratulations to Pat Gardner from Rescue One on being named “Firefighter of the Year” by the Phoenix Society. Typical of Pat, he credits his heroics to the members of his company, RS1 and his house, Station One.

Our prayers go to the families of firefighters Steve Rucker from Novato who died fighting the Cedar Fire in San Diego, and Captain Doug McDonald, who is still hospitalized in San Diego.

Be Safe and God Bless.


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