Wildfire in Southern California October / November 2003
San Francisco Firefighters in Southern California

December 29, 2003

From October 26, 2003 through November 2, 2003, the following members were deposed to Cedar Fire from San Francisco:

Engine 2: Lieutenant John Cremen, Firefighter Dan Romero, Firefighter Ron Johansen, Firefighter Thomas Vanderee

Engine 9: Lieutenant John Hanley, Firefighter Erik Brown, Firefighter Dave Russell, Firefighter Ernest Carillo

This Strike Team #XSN2377A was under the command of Bart A. Lewis, Deputy Fire Chief of the Santa Rosa Fire Department. Rescue Services were made up from 4 separate counties in OES Region II. Bart molded leaders into one cohesive group.

In one photograph you will see Ernesto Carillo. Ernesto is seen holding a lasso and roping a pony. Ernesto went out of his way to lasso the animal and save its life. When Ernesto attempted to return the pony to the nearby ranch, Ernesto was praised for his bravery and given an all expenses paid holiday to Cabo San Lucas. Truth is that, unbeknownst to Ernesto, the pony was a world class rodeo champion and owned by a very wealthy oil heiress and socialite from San Diego whose identity shall remain anonymous. Local 798 salutes you Ernesto for your selfless act of bravery.

Firefighter Dave Russell also made a daring rescue of an award-winning goat, found desperate and lost in the raging fires. It seems as though this goat has been used in national ad campaigns. The SPCA, along with the goat’s agent, have awarded Dave a lifetime supply of goat cheese in thanks for his efforts in the rescue of this celebrity Billy goat, no kidding.

Hank Smith, Ret.

Photos provided by John Hanley

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