Toy Program
By Melissa Lerma

Thanks to the firehouses that cooked up some great meals and active firefighters that helped out; the retired firefighters and their families for sharing their spare time with the Toy Program and all the rest of the volunteers the Toy Program relies on …Thank you so much for your time, hard work and dedication. We enjoyed a great season of helping out the children of San Francisco and at the same time shared a few good meals and a few good laughs.


The Toy Program accepts donations year round. Firehouses receiving donations can arrange for periodic pick-ups by telephoning 777-0440 to make arrangements, or I will send an email advising firehouses when pickups will be available (I will try to work around tri-annuals). Either way, please call and leave a detailed message including which firehouse and the quantity of the donation. I’d like to leave a barrel at each firehouse so that it may be easier to receive donations year round. If your firehouse would like to have a barrel delivered, please call.

Toy Program volunteers meet at least every three weeks to maintain the building and storage areas, to work on on-going projects and to prepare for the upcoming season. Please call if you would like to add your name to the telephone list for off-season volunteers. I will call you a few days before we meet and if you can make it that would be great.

Please feel free to pass on the Toy Program telephone number to potential supporters. This assistance may include toys, grants, monetary donations and in-kind gifts. Please keep the Toy Program in mind if an opportunity presents itself. I will be checking messages daily and calls will be returned within 24 hours.

Photos Provided By: Melissa Lerma


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