The Hidden Agenda Behind Prop 75
Would you trust Wal-Mart to protect your paycheck? The authors of Proposition 75 want you to think they sponsored their ballot measure because they care about union members. They want you to believe they, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger’s closest corporate backers, are motivated by a desire to protect union members. They hope you won’t find out about the hidden agenda behind Prop 75.

The real agenda behind Prop 75? To silence our voice so corporations can have more control over government. Corporations already outspend unions by a margin of 24-1 on politics. Prop 75 would make this unfair imbalance even worse.

These Prop 75 funders are directly tied to Gov. Schwarzenegger and his anti-union agenda. They are some of the governor’s top donors, including a major investment company that lobbied for pension privatization and one of the owners of Wal-Mart. In total, eight ultra-wealthy donors have bankrolled virtually the entire Proposition 75 campaign and they’re hardly champions for workers’ rights.

Why are they trying to silence the voice of union members?

• It was unions that stopped Arnold when he tried to gut pensions and eliminate death benefits for family members of firefighters and police officers who die in the line of duty.
• It was unions that fought to stop Arnold’s cuts in education funding.
• It was unions that fought Arnold’s elimination of the right to a lunch break.
• It was unions that stopped Arnold from overturning hospital staffing ratios.

The governor and his allies are planning their second attempt at eliminating pensions again in 2006. That’s why they want to prevent unions from fighting back by passing Proposition 75. If they get their way, unions won’t be able to stop the governor from reducing health care, attacking our lunch breaks or gutting pensions.

Unions will not be able to advocate against cuts in spending on our schools, our hospitals and our state infrastructure. Far from protecting the rights of teachers, nurses, firefighters and other union workers, Prop. 75 would reduce our ability to speak out when politicians do harm to our schools, hospitals and public safety. If Prop 75 passes it will not just hurt union members, but all Californians who depend on these vital services.

This is not the first attempt to silence labor’s voice. In 1998, former Republican Gov. Pete Wilson sponsored a similar measure, Proposition 226. The proposition lost when voters learned the political agenda behind it. We can defeat Prop 75 too, but only if voters learn the truth about its hidden agenda. To do this, we will need your help between now and Nov. 8 Election Day. Please talk to your co-workers, friends and family about the hidden agenda behind the special election. Don’t let Arnold and his allies silence your voice. Help defeat Proposition 75!

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