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He freely admits that he needed the help of his pal Jiminy Cricket to make it all work. Yet our fearless leader Bill Bassett once more outwitted the elements to stage another outstanding day on the Sonoma Coast. The Stillwater Cove campground hosted twenty-three participants who enjoyed the campfire, dinner, and reasonable diving conditions. Bill and Jiminy ordered the rain to disappear and it did. And just like that the skies cleared and Bill’s other good pal from old 10 engine (King Neptune) reduced the swell, improved the visibility, and spread the welcome mat for the divers. After a successful dive everyone gathered at the campground to enjoy a gourmet feast of spaghetti a la Bob Moore, venison back straps a la Dan Garibaldi, an abalone appetizer by George Bruce, and vino de Bill Ferguson.

Many are aware that the ultimate goal of this effort is to provide the Firefighter’s Local #798 Toy Program main course for their luncheon at the end of October. This goal was accomplished again this year by the firefighters, both active and retired, who were in attendance. So a special thanks from Bill to all those volunteers for once more making the trip to the Sonoma Coast for benefit of the Toy Program.

Bill Bassett
Art Citron
Gary Montague
Don Alexander
Bill Ferguson
Bob Moore
Bob Anderson
Dan Garibaldi
Jack Norton
Greg Barron
Jim Goodwin
Jim Novello
Pete Batanadies
Danny Gregori
Dave Rege
George Bruce
Alex King
Walt (Doc) Stonum
Kevin Callanan
Bob Kosta
Harry Vogl
Tom Cooney
Roland Lee


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