2005 Heroes honored by San Francisco Golden Gate Breakfast Club

By Alexander King
The San Francisco Golden Gate Breakfast Club has been in existence for 59 years and for most of its life has set aside a day each year to honor Firefighters, Paramedics and Police Officers who have given a little more of themselves than required, and hence have earned the term “hero”.

To most of us in public service, we don’t consider ourselves “heroes” – we think we are just doing our job. Yet to the public all that we do when we are helping others is heroic, and some of these heroic deeds even reach the level of that term in our minds as well.

These amazing people need our sincere appreciate and the Golden Gate Breakfast Club encouraged them to be acknowledged. So with the help of Fire Chief Hayes-White and Deputy Chief Kochevar as well as Police Chief Fong and Commander Ticchini names were submitted along with a narrative of what they did to become heroes.

In past years some of the heroes consisted of the P.D. running into fire buildings to save the life of a citizen and members of the F.D. stopping a violent crime and other times they were performing their particular jobs and went beyond the call.

This year we had that type of hero, who during the course of their shift or while off duty performed some things that were above and beyond the call of duty and for that the members of the Golden Gate Breakfast Club wanted to thank them. Perhaps this is a small gesture - buying them and their significant others breakfast and presenting the honorees a prestigious plaque to remember this day – but it is done with the sincere thanks of a grateful City.

The awards were presented by Commander Steve Ticchini from the Police Department and Battalion Chief Kirk Richardson from the Fire Department. The individuals that were selected to receive these heroes’ awards consisted of Paramedic Karl Jurgenson; Lieutenant John Ferrando, and Officer Ajay Singh. We give them our utmost respect and gratitude for doing a fine job and keeping our City safe for all.

Thank you for all that you do – and remember – stay safe out there!

Lieutenant John Ferrando
Paramedic Karl Jurgenson

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