Mutual Aid Disaster Drill on San Francisco Bay
By: Frank Hsieh
The SFFD Aquatic Rescue Committee would like to thank SF Firefighters Local 798 support for providing refreshments for the on-duty and volunteer off-duty SFFD victims and rescuers who participated in the largest Mutual Aid Disaster Drill on SF Bay. The SFFD Aquatic Rescue Committee, who organized the event, offered over a 1000 spectators and local media the opportunity to witness the SFFD’s Aquatic Rescue and Mutual Aid readiness in the face of a major SF Bay ferry disaster. The mutual aid agencies included: US Park Service, US Coast Guard, San Mateo Harbor Patrol, California Highway Patrol, Presidio Fire Dept., and the SF Police Dept.

Over 30 ferry victims were picked up via SFFD and SMHP RWC(Rescue Water Craft), CHP and USCG Helicopters, 47 foot USCG vessel, and USPS Rigid Hull Inflatable boats. Surf Rescue Team members were picked up by CHP and USCG helicopters and deployed to victims in the water. The SFFD Fireboat Phoenix deployed the 50 foot “rescue ring”, a 50 foot length of 5” hose filled with a Scott Bottle and deployed into the bay, creating a massive floating rescue device. The Aquatic Rescue Committee would also like to thank the SFFD Administration for their support.

Photos by Frank Hsieh


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