A Proud Profession
By: Francis D. Kelly, Secretary
When a firefighter dies in the line of duty we wrap ourselves in the cloak of brotherhood/sisterhood. We honor our fallen comrade with ceremonial pomp, shed our tears and celebrate their life by remembering the good times.

We end the day of remembrance with a party. For the immediate family we accept condolences from our firefighter family and we thank the well wishers for joining us … “please enjoy the rest of the day, be careful, stay safe”. Saddened and pledging to make every day count, we leave fulfilled.

PROUDLY we came and said goodbye.

When one of our members retires we throw a party, congratulating the retiree, wishing them many years of well earned health and happiness. We share stories about our youthful indiscretions, bringing tears to well in our eyes through hearty laughter. We leave fulfilled.

PROUDLY we came and said goodbye.

On April 20, 2004, the Department terminated a young member, two weeks shy of completing his twelve month probation. It was a quiet meeting, few words were spoken, and a few tears were shed. We left empty and unfulfilled.

Are YOU finally PROUD?


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