The Vannucchi Papers
By Jim Vannucchi, Director
June 20, 2004

Joanne Hayes-White
Chief of Department
San Francisco Fire Department
698 Second St.
San Francisco, CA. 94107

Dear Chief Hayes-White:

I wish to seize this opportunity to extend to you and your administration my deepest thanks for selecting me for Acting Assignment in the rank of H-30 Captain.

All of my life I have proudly walked in the shadows of my parents. Members of that “Greatest Generation”, who gave so much more than they ever received, who instilled in me a code of conduct, of integrity, of sacrifice. A code that echoed and re-echoed as I recently faced the wall of the brave fallen of the San Francisco Fire Department. I never knew their dignity in life, but I have come to know their glory in death; to be content in doing what is just.

Although I may have stumbled in the past, I am bound by duty, by honor, and by loyalty to my fellow officers who hold seniority in rank earned through merit, to the members of San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 who placed in my hands their trust, but most of all to my son and daughter whose direction in life is gauged by my actions, to respectfully decline selection to the Acting Assignment rank of Captain.

I applaud your exceptional efforts to right the wrongs of past administrations and I ask that you please do not take this letter as a criticism of your labors.

In closing, again please accept my gratitude for the faith that you placed in me. You have honored me beyond words.

As always, I remain,
Sincerely yours,
James M. Vannucchi
San Francisco Fire Department

Cc: Deputy Chief Fred Sanchez
Deputy Chief Gary Massetani
San Francisco Fire Commission
SFFF Local 798


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