MOU Negotiations
By: Francis D. Kelly, Secretary
As of this writing, the Membership of Local 798 should have received their informational bulletin regarding the new MOU negotiated with the City and County of San Francisco.

Ratification by the Board of Supervisors and you, the Membership, is the last hurdle. There are certain concessions that must be made in order to maintain the high level of commitment and service to the citizens of San Francisco and to prevent layoffs.

Before you cast your ballot all members should look at the entire package; particularly with an eye toward the future. I believe the extended MOU ending June 30, 2007 should satisfy even our harshest critics. The only disappointment I have in the negotiations is our inability to provide you with

promotional language within the text of this MOU. A new set of rules, yet to be negotiated, for random drug and alcohol testing will further entrench us in the para-military organizational mindset.

Oddly enough, the SFFD steeped in tradition and built on a foundation of rules, regulations and procedures is void of any concrete objective process for career advancement. Classified documents known to all as “PQFs” will continue at this time to be the promotional benchmark, harboring resentment and discontent. The perception of nepotism, cronyism and political patronage shall rule the day.

We lost yet another battle, but the fire remains. We will continue our fight for a fair and equitable promotional process.


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