Around The Green
By: Darryl Loo

Shadow Lakes Golf Club
June 16, 2004

The last few years during the summer months the club was getting low numbers for our tournaments. As a result we cut back on our tee times. Maybe we were a little hasty, because we have had to add times to each of the summer events. Thank you for getting out to the tournaments and supporting the club.

Shadow Lakes was our first summer get together and the response to play this new course was great. We were rewarded by having perfect weather, not too hot and most important not too windy. Considering most of our members had not even heard of Shadow Lakes much less played there, our members shot some good scores.

Kip Gargano lead the way in the A flight with a very solid 83 net 65, a great way to get ready for retirement. The two Jackson brothers also played well tieing for second place with net 67’s. Bob shot the low round of the day with a two over par 74. While big brother Dave had a very nice 81. Two of last years A flight contenders Travis Rail and Tom Kiernan were in a tie for forth place. I would think this would happen more often, but I can’t recall it happening since we took over the golf club.

The B flight ended in a three-way tie for first place. Kevin Burke, Jose Zalba and John Vandervennet all had net 67’s to get into this tie. I thought that Shadow Lakes would give the B flight a harder time than the A flight. These scores proved to me I was wrong. Gerry Sullivan needed one less shot and he would have made it a four way tie, but had to settle for fourth place alone.

Thanks for the strong support for this tournament and I would like to know what you thought about that course.

Chardonnay Golf Club
July 13, 2004

When the golf course at Chardonnay opened it was a beautiful but difficult layout and little has changed over the years except the routing of the course. We have played here for the last three years and I don’t think I would ever grow tired of playing at Chardonnay. It is a great facility and the staff is helpful and courteous. The weather was nice and the course was in great condition. Some of the players took advantage of the perfect conditions and posted good scores.

Travis Rail seems to save his best rounds for our golf tournaments, his 78 net 67 was good for first place in the A flight. Travis is consistently under his handicap and I for one am curious how he does it. Mike Duncan was one shot back shooting 84 net 68 ,with his solid round he finished second. When Tom Kiernan has a chance to play he plays a fine game his 78 net 70 netted him third place points.

The B flight looks like it is going to be a dog fight once again this year. Just when someone looks like they are the leader someone else jumps into the mix. This tournament that someone were playing partners Larry Zammarchi and Dave Britt their net 67’s earned them a first place tie. Bill Carle also entered the race with net 69 and third place alone. The low round of the tournament was shot by one of our newer members of the club Chris Pratt. I have played with Chris and his only fault is he hits from the wrong side of the ball. He needs to fatten up his handicap to contend in our club. Nice score of 76 Chris.

August 2, 2004

I had just returned from Hawaii two days before the Hiddenbrooke tournament and I was tired and a little jet lagged. I was surprised that we had so many golfers signed up as August has always been a slow month for us. On arrival to the course, it was overcast and cold at the golf course. Out came the jacket in the month of August. Hawaii it was not !!! Maybe it is me, but it seems to be one of the coldest summers in many years.

I was very impressed with the setup of the golf course at Hiddenbrooke. The course was in great condition and the greens were fantastic. If you played at Hiddenbrooke all the time your game would become well rounded as there is a lot of different shots that can be played out there.

I have a question for you guys. Were those greens fast or were they just very tilted? One of the guys must have putted fine, Dave Maxion had a 82 net 68 to lead the A flight. He must have gotten tired of his playing partner winning all the time and posted a very nice score. Last year’s Club Champ George Garcia has been off the radar screen so far this year, but I knew he would re-surface eventually. Both George and Dave Jackson shot 83 net 71’s to place second. Bob Jackson was the medallist for the day with a very good score of 77. Bob has played very consistant so far and will be tough to catch in the points race for the Club championship. Come on guys we need someone to give him a challenge.

The B flight is once again up for grabs. The last two tournaments had been a mixed bag of players. The top three finishers in the flight at Hiddenbrooke have all been in the money in recent tournaments, but Larry Zammarchi has won the last two including this one at net 72. While he has played well so has Kevin Burke his second place along with his win at Shadow Lakes has him near the top of the standings. Dave Britt and Larry must have a side bet going on as Dave is also in contention with a first and a third in the last two events. Guys make sure you sign up to play, it is not every year that you have the opportunity to win. P.S. there is no pressure just ask Dennis O’ Neill.

Remember that Silverado is a shotgun and guests are most definitely encouraged and welcome. Please to all the Firefighters not members of the club if you would like to attend and see how the club works and play a fantastic course call the golf line and leave a message. 415-822-9500


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