By Brendan Ward, Director

Congratulations to all the recent retirees! Following is a list of all the retirees since my last report in January 2004. The rank at retirement came from the Fire Commission office. If I missed someone, please leave me a message at the Union office (621-7103). This is just a warning to prepare for many more retirement banquets in the future. Start the dieting now! And to Pete Sorensen: No more phone calls!


During your time in the Division of Training you were not officially in the Fire Department. You were considered a “Miscellaneous Employee”. Everybody can buy back this time through the City Retirement System. You will be given the time as a percentage of a full year’s service. The final compensation factor will depend on your age at retirement from the SFFD. Though the final factor will be based on the “Miscellaneous Employee” retirement rules, the amount will be based on your final compensation as a Fire Department employee.

To find the amount of time that will be credited to you and the amount of money needed to “buy back” this time, please contact the Retirement System. And remember, you can use your funds from your Deferred Compensation account with ING to fund the buy back.

If you have any questions, please contact me at the Union office.


I’ve had the opportunity, along with other Union members to attend two Firefighter Conventions this year (both State and International). It was very interesting to meet with Firefighters from other areas of California and different regions of the United States to understand labor issues that confront firefighters. Some of the concerns are the same as here, so it was good to exchange information. Some regions face greater concerns than what we face in San Francisco. We are fortunate to have good relationships with management and the elected City officials.

Thank you for allowing us to attend these important Conventions.


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