Around The Green
By: Darryl Loo

SFFGC 2004 Golf Season

It seems like every year passes faster and faster. Here we are getting ready for the holiday season and I am writing about the upcoming golf year. Last years golf schedule was very challenging with some great courses and relatively nice weather. We hope that our club members liked the courses that were on our schedule and we would appreciate any feedback, both positive and negative. Also if you have any suggestions about places to play drop us a note or call us at Station 17.We are currently planning 2005 and we are considering another two-day trip. There are several areas that we are looking into, but the time of year that we are thinking about is still in question. We hope to have at least one new course added to our list, but most new courses are asking too much money including Harding Park. When we have completed the new schedule we will try to get it to the members as soon as possible.

Presidio Golf Club
August 30, 2004

Last year we played at the Presidio golf course in the beginning of Summer. Being native San Franciscans you would think we would know better. Just about everyone knows that we have some of the coldest summers anywhere. Ah now “Indian Summer” is a whole different story, so we moved this tournament to later in the schedule and we were rewarded by a degree or two. Personally I am not a big fan of this course and its conditions, but it is the only course in San Francisco we can currently play and it can be a wonderful golf course. One member of Station 17 seemed to like the course just fine. Jim Schrick shot 80 net 65 to take first place in the A flight and his score was the low of the day. Of course like all golfers even when they have rounds seven strokes under their handicaps, Jim bemoaned the half dozen shots he left on the course. Several shots back in second place was Jon Won with a 89 net 68. Jon was a regular on the leader board several years ago, but back problems have been bothering him. It is good to see Jon playing again and hope he becomes a contender next year. Jim Mellberg has played most of the events this year and his solid play at Presidio netted him third place points. His 89 net 69 has moved him closer to the lead in the A flight. He is one of several players who have a chance to make a move. With the A flight leader Bobby Jackson not scoring big points in the last few tournaments there are several players within striking distance.

This year is no different than every other in the B flight. The B flight is once again up for grabs. Al Lee has played well this year and his 87 net 67 earned him a tie for first. He has two more tournaments to play in so good luck. Rob Vigil also shot net 67 and he must have been happy with his round. Rob was playing with Al Hom who shot 94 net 69 so they were playing pretty well together. It is nice to see their group have someone on the leader board. We have been discussing whether we will be playing at this course again next year and if you have an opinion let us hear it.

Reno Golf and Fun Trip
September 2004

This year we had some problems with our hotel reservations. First the hotel we used last year closed their doors. Then after some chasing around, Frank found us rooms at the Cal-Neva Hotel. Great other than the rooms were in a tower two blocks from the casino. So after more chasing around Frank once again found us rooms at the Sands Hotel this time. Let me tell you that Frank worked extremely hard on this trip and I would like to thank him for all the work he does. But the problems didn’t end there. The day before the start of the trip, Frank called the person who was in charge of our account to ask a question about the next day. When he told her he would see her in the morning her response was “What are you talking about our contract is for next year”. First I would like to thank all who attended the Reno Trip and we appreciate the fact that everyone was supportive and understanding about the situation with the hotel. Second we hope that we can get more people to attend this great trip, which has a long history in the Fire Department. Back to the story, Frank worked right up to the time we got in our cars to start up to Reno. Somehow between the hotel management and Frank they hammered out a deal in the twenty-forth hour and we had a hotel. The situation wasn’t perfect but pretty good considering all the problems. Great!! Great job!! And thanks again Frank!!

Two days before the trip a huge storm moved thru Northern California. Not only did it rain quite hard, it also was cold enough that it dropped six inches of snow in the higher elevations. Every year on the way up to Reno, we try to play somewhere. Usually we look for somewhere new or where most of us hadn’t played. Tom Lovely had offered to set things up for us at Tahoe Donner Golf Club where he works. Well when we arrived at the golf course it was a winter wonderland with snow everywhere. I had never been snowed out before, but never say never. Tom was great and found us tee times elsewhere and we will have to try Tahoe Donner another time. Thank you for your help Tom it is appreciated. After all the chaos in the beginning things settled down, the hotel was nice, the food at our meals was much better than the last two years and the weather was absolutely perfect. This year we played at Red Hawk Golf Club. We played there several years ago and I remember it being extremely difficult. But with the windless conditions on the course it was considerably easier. The course was in nice shape and the layout of the course makes it a lot of fun to play. We hope to return there in the future. The second day we played at Lakeridge Golf Club. We have been playing at Lakeridge every year that I have attended the Reno trip and every time I play there I enjoy the course. It is just such a fun course and the layout has a great personality. If there is no other reason to go on the Reno trip playing Lakeridge is good enough. We hope to see everyone next year and maybe some new faces will make the trip.

Silverado Country Club South Course
October 13 2004

Since the year I entered the Fire Department one of the main draws of the Golf Club is the chance to play at Silverado twice a year. Not only does it have two beautiful courses, with great layouts with good course conditions, the staff there is always wonderful and take care of our needs as tournament directors. This year was no different. The only real difference this tournament was the condition of the course. It was not only good, it was the finest conditioned golf course I have seen this year. I was very impressed with the greens, which were impeccable. They were smooth, fast as lightning and held well-struck shots onto them. In my opinion they were perfect. The weather was hot and muggy and there was little or no wind. Together with the course conditions and the benign weather, I though there would be some great scores posted. But there are some tough holes out there and coupled with the fast greens there were some big scores waiting for the errant shots and the three putts. Several players posted solid scores in the A flight. Jim Mellberg led the way with an 89 net 70 to take the flight by one stroke. His victory, along with his third in the last tournament, may have put him in the final group for the A flight title and a chance at the Club Trophy. Two of Station 17’s golfers were in the three-way tie for second place. Jim Schrick who put together two rounds in a row in the top two may also be in contention to be in the final group. While John McNulty is already in that group as he will be the official of that match. The third player at net 71 was Rod Stewart whose score of 75 was also the low of the day.

This year there is no clear favorite in the race for the B flight title. Bill Kneis shot the low net score at Silverado his 91 net 67 was one stroke better than anyone else. I am designating Billy as my favorite to win their flight. Go Billy!!! Two fine gentlemen also shot nice rounds to tie for second. Jim McHugh shot 93 net 68 and Gerry Sullivan had a 90 net 68. Gerry said he was very pleased with his round. I hope so because you only shoot four shots under your handicap several times a year. Normally I only write about the top three finishers in each flight, but since Terry Smerdel is my pal, his 99 net 69 finished in forth place. The significance being it is the first time he has broken 100. All you golfers know this is a big step. Next on the list is shooting under 90. Good Luck!!!


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