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Introducing ...
Local 798 Members,

I would like to introduce our former Office Manager, Sally Casazza as the new Chairperson of San Francisco Firefighters Toy Program.

She brings with her, her vast experience from SBC, and United Way in the World of non-profits, as well as Board Member of AASK (Adopt a Special Kid), Pros for Youth, (a program of the NFL Alumni), and the SBC Pioneers, (active and retired employees of SBC)

Please sign up for a day to cook at the Toy Program, and come down to lend a helping hand during the Holidays. The Toy Program can be reached at (415) 777-0440

Lets get the Toy Program off to a successful 2004 Year.

Dennis Kruger
Director, Toy Program Local 798

By: Jim Vannucchi, Director
November 18, 2004 marked the 55th Anniversary Kick-Off Luncheon of the SAN FRANCISCO FIREFIGHTERS LOCAL 798 TOY PROGRAM headed by Chairperson Sally Cassaza.

The members of Station 11 hosted the event demonstrating their culinary expertise with a traditional Crab Cioppino to such dignitaries as Chief Hayes-White, Deputy Chief Fred Sanchez, Deputy Chief Gary Massetani, Father John Greene, former Mayor Willie Brown, former San Francisco Warriors great “Jumping” Joe Ellis, and our most prized resource; the volunteers that make it all work.

Also in attendance were Jon Wasilausky and Monique Errichetti of FIDELITY INVESTMENTS who joined our long list of corporate sponsors with their generous monetary donation.

Annual Overnight Skin Diving Outing
By Arthur R. Citron
Sixteen firefighters, active and retired, convened at the Stillwater Cove Campground on the Sonoma County coast on October 27th and 28th. The group was assembled by our leader and ‘dive master’ Bill Bassett for what has become an annual overnight skin diving outing to benefit the SFFD Union Local #798’s Toy Program Luncheon. Once again, Bill led the group (some say much like the Pied Piper) to the waters edge. Leading by example, Bill suited-up and was one of the first in the water. Other divers followed and most were successful as several limits of abalone were taken. That evening at the campsite, Bob Anderson and Gary Montague prepared a memorable meal for all with their catch of rockfish, deep-fried to perfection. The group left no table scraps of food for the local raccoons. Also, our leader put his 30-inch cast iron frying pan to work over the campfire and cooked a of couple abalones for the hungry divers. Talk about a special meal! We didn’t see a single look of disappointment when our pre-planned meal of spaghetti and garlic bread never got out of the shopping bag.

The day is very long but enormously satisfying and enjoyable. Contact Bill if you are interested in participating in the future. The last Wednesday in October is the annual date for the dive. And finally, a special thanks to the Firefighters Local 798 for its continuing support of the Toy Program and to the divers (and non-divers) who took their personal time to participate in the effort.


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