2005 Interstation Softball League
1. Teams to submit roster, NOT TO EXCEED THIRTY (30) PLAYERS, with $20.00 entry fee. Rosters must be submitted by Monday, February 14, 2005, Watch 16. Submit only the names of members who play not the house roster. Please indicate the Station to which all members on the roster are assigned.

Please indicate two people that can be contacted regarding any changes. One forfeit and teams may be dropped from the league for the remainder of the season. If you do not feel that you can participate FULLY do not send in a roster.

PLEASE NOTE: Some houses may not be able to combine, as in the past, due to the personnel involved - The league depends on the number of teams, if there are not enough teams - there will not be a SOFTBALL SEASON...

2. Any house or member of said house, which has past due fines; or is not in “full Union membership”, will not be accepted. If one or more names appear on the roster that is not in “good standing”, THE ROSTER WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. All fines and/or Union assessments MUST BE PAID. (Members assigned to stations, who owe fines, may not play for another station until said fines from their stations have been paid in full.) All must be Local 798 members.

2004 Fines Due with roster and entry fee:

Sta. 8 $40.00 Sta. 11 $30.00
Sta. 13 $40.00 Sta. 15 $10.00
Sta. 17 $80.00

3. All regular members and unassigned members, who are in a spot and whose house has a team as of February 14, will play for that house. No exceptions regardless of where they have played in the past. Any member who wishes to play, but whose house, as of February 14 does not have a team will be placed on one. These members are asked to contact: Steve Engler at Sta. 3, tour 06 as soon as possible. No exceptions.

4. In order to help speed up the game, so the gardener does not have to wait so long to reduce the infield, the teams for the second game are to take the field and get the game started as soon as possible.


1. Any permanently assigned or unassigned member to a house entered as of February 14.
2. Players’ names to appear on ONE roster only.
3. No double houses are to combine with any other house, or have players other than their own members, assigned or unassigned as of February 14, without prior permission from the Commissioner.
4. Single Engine Companies may combine with ONE single Engine Company in their district -.
5. Players whose house have no team or not combined with another house, will be placed on a team.
6. Sixteen (16) teams will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. All others will be combined or


1. No team or teams are allowed to cancel any games, for any reason, without prior permission from the Commissioner. Otherwise it will be considered a forfeit ($20) and no umpire ($10) for the teams involved.
2. A $20 entry fee to accompany roster. In case of a forfeit, another $20 against each team will be levied by the Commissioner.
3. Players whose names appear on the roster are the only ones allowed to play.
4. Nine Players to start or continue a game. A full team is ten (10) fielders.
5. Games can only be delayed 15 minutes.


1. PITCH - Slow-pitch ball must be at least 3 feet from where it leaves the pitcher’s hand to a maximum of 10 feet (highest point of arc).
2. PLAYERS - 10 or 9
3. INNING - 9 or 7 innings to be decided by both teams and umpires prior to the start of each game. 9 innings will be played with a 1 and 1 count, starting each batter.
4. DISTANCE - Bases 65 feet; Pitchers mound 45 feet.
5. LEADING - Only after ball crosses plate or is hit.
6. STEALING or BUNTING - Not allowed.


1. Each field has a 0930 and 1130 game. Each team playing the 1130 game shall furnish one member to umpire the 0930 game and vice versa. Teams who fail to supply an umpire, FOR ANY REASON, will be charged $10 for each game. The umpire must be someone who knows the “basic” rules of SLOW-Pitch softball.
2. Umpires are not to switch positions


1. Ground rules to be decided by the umpire prior to each game.
2. If a pitched ball hits a batter, the pitch will be called a “Ball”.
3. Everyone who appears at a game, whose name is on the roster, MUST BE ALLOWED TO PLAY AT LEAST ONE INNING, if so requested.
4. Swing personnel, or occasional floaters attached to two or more companies may choose which company to play for, with the Commissioner’s prior permission.
5. Umpires to call in scores to Sta. 03 after each game.
6. A tentative date of March 8th will start our 2005 season.

7. Each team is to supply a new ball for each game, (no rubber covered or restricted flight balls allowed. 47 Core minimum). It will be necessary for each team to provide their own bases.
8. Strike Zone - The pitched ball must arc at least 3 feet from the point at which it leaves the pitcher’s hand to a maximum of 10 feet (highest point of arc).
9. The Commissioner will schedule all games (rainouts, etc.), Not individual teams.
10. Any team or teams that reschedule or cancel a game, without the Commissioners permission, will automatically be considered a forfeit for both teams.
11. All members at Stations, who do not have teams, Please call Station 3 with the names of members interested in playing. Every effort will be made to place all members of a Station on one team.
12. To ensure players safety, all composite bats, or bats with a rating of 100 mph or greater are banned. These are to include the Miken Freak and Freak plus, Demarini half<>half bats, Easton Synthesis, Synergy and Synergy2 bats. Bats are to be ASA approved and not exceed a 1.20 rating. Also any player found to be playing with steel spikes will be banned from the league.
13. Any team that forfeits a game, may be dropped from the league and all monies due must be paid.

Send Roster and Fees to:
Steve Engler
SFFD, Station 3
1067 Post St.
San Francisco, CA 94109

Please make checks payable to: Local 798


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