By Brendan Ward, Director

We have a new list of those Fire Department members who recently retired from the SFFD. Congratulations to all the retirees!!! The last list I posted was in the August 2004 issue. Again, all the lists come from the Fire Commission office (thanks Tania). If I missed anyone please give me a call at the Union office. And, as usual, Ret. B.C. Sorensen, “No More Phone Calls.”


Two Retirement Seminars are scheduled this year. The first will be March 22 & 23 held at the United Irish Cultural Center. The second will be held June 22 & 23 at Sigmund Stern Grove. A General Order with all the information will be issued shortly.

Tier 1 members are still the bulk of the Department’s retirees, and have priority to these seminars (due to their closeness to retirement). However, Tier 2 members are closing in on normal service retirements (the longest Tier 2 employees have about 27 to 28 years service) and I encourage you to also sign up.

It is very important that Tier 2 members realize there are some major differences in Tier 2 retirement from Tier 1 retirement even though the San Francisco citizens have kindly voted to increase Tier 2 benefits. These differences include final compensation factors, cost-of-living increases in your pension and survivor benefits. The stories you hear from the Tier 1 members in the Department differ from the realities of the Tier 2 pension. Please be informed by attending these seminars and prepare yourself for a successful retirement. As a final point though, thanks to all the Tier 1 members who walked the streets and helped us Tier 2 people win our valuable upgrades. It will forever be remembered.


H-2 Firefighter Timothy J. Dudley 5/25/04
H-30 Captain Roger A. Pruyn 7/3/04
H-20 Lieutenant Luther G. Johnson 7/14/04
H-20 Lieutenant Robert G. McDill 7/15/04
H-51 ADC Daniel A. Sullivan 7/17/04
H-20 Lieutenant Phillip E. Fiitting 8/17/04
H-2 Firefighter John H. Cingolani 8/19/04
H-30 Captain Steven P. Jones 8/21/04
H-2 Firefighter Jeffrey J. Malone 8/21/04
H-20 Lieutenant Joseph C. Sarracino 8/22/04
H-20 Lieutenant Alan P. Hunt 8/28/04
H-20 Lieutenant Robert P. Muniz 9/1/04
H-20 Lieutenant Robert O. Postel 9/11/04
H-40 Batallion Chief Ronald A. Rodriguez 9/14/04
H-20 Lieutenant James R. Vargas 9/30/04
H-20 Lieutenant Truman McKinney 10/1/04
H-40 Batallion Chief Jimmie T. Braden 10/9/04
H-30 Captain Thomas M. Gallegos 10/13/04
H-30 Captain Chris A. Gargano 10/15/04
H-20 Lieutenant Michael S. Koomas 10/17/04
H-20 Lieutenant Melvin J. Hayes 10/27/04
H-20 Lieutenant Kenneth H. Owen 11/11/04
H-40 Batallion Chief Raymond G. Tomasello 11/17/04
H-20 Lieutenant Daniel M. Garibaldi 11/24/04
H-20 Lieutenant Joseph Fitzgerald 12/8/04


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