Information on Old 21 Sought
A group of students from the Urban School of San Francisco are currently investigating the history of Firehouse Number 21 (“Old 21”) on Oak Street, in conjunction with a grant provided by The History Channel. The high school students are interested in any photos, documents or stories related to that building. They are working under a tight deadline and would appreciate any information that may be available relating to the building or the firefighters that worked there. As you know, Old 21 is the oldest firehouse still owned by the City and its firefighters served with distinction from 1893 through the time the building was decommissioned in the 1950’s. The students are working on this project as a way of learning about San Francisco history as well as a way to honor the many firefighters that were based in Old 21.

If you know of anyone who can assist the students in documenting the history of this landmark firehouse, please contact Richard Kay at 415-405-7772, or Thank you.


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