Time to update your personal records
By Dennis Kruger, Director
About a month ago, I received a call from Brother Kendrick Low asking for my assistance. It seems that Kendrick’s standing in the union had been under some scrutiny lately. The problem was found at the end of a paper chase.

Brother Low joined #798 after completing the Fire College. He filled out all the paperwork, paid his dues, and was sworn in at a union meeting. However, a few months later, Kendrick saw his name on the Agency Shop List. Surprised and concerned, he contacted the union about his status as a dues paying member. We had to go back several months to determine that Kendrick had indeed followed all the proper procedures, but his file had simply never been properly processed by the City. As the old saying goes: “…if it can happen, it will”.

Kendrick came down to the office. We initiated the appropriate paperwork, walked him through the process, and made sure the City had the necessary copies. Kendrick Low was now officially a union member!

I’m sharing this story with you because you need to be aware that you are the ultimate keeper of your records. The union has no way of knowing about changes that happen during your career. Don’t assume that if you file a change of address with the Fire Department, that it trickles down to the union.

It is up to you to contact the union with any changes, including but not limited to, address, telephone, and beneficiary. Any information that is relevant to you as an employee or union member is your responsibility to keep up to date.

The union is currently upgrading its database software. If your information has changed and you haven’t updated your records recently, please contact us. Don’t let your dues go towards wasted postage on returned mail; not to mention the time you spend calling us when you don’t receive your Main Line.

Please submit your information to Gail at gail@sffdlocal798.org. Please put change of address in the subject portion of your e-mail and don’t forget to include your e-mail address. Or contact the union by phone or snail-mail.


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