Letter From The President
Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Our campaign to keep our neighborhood firehouses open (NFPA - Neighborhood Firehouse Protection Act) is up and running. We’re collecting 20,000 signatures by July lst. Your station stewards were briefed on our status, specifically the amount still needed to be collected. It’s important to get the signed forms in to the Union Hall as soon as possible so we can keep our count up to date! Speak with your station steward today to find out how you can get in the game.

At the California Professional Firefighter’s recent convention, Local 798 brought a Resolution to the Floor requesting a seat on the Board. It was unfortunate that the convention delegates did not even let the Resolution reach the Floor. My feeling is that it would have been proper to let the Resolution hit the

Floor for debate. To me, that would have been the way to demonstrate leadership by the Board of the CPF. Many firefighters came up to the 25 members of Local 798 in Sacramento and apologized for their vote. The theme from the Convention Delegates was now is not the right time to ask for a seat. Rest assured, the same Resolution will be back on the Floor at the next convention. Brother Dan Gracia (R.S.1) spoke with me and expressed his reservations about the fact that the new slogan of the CPF “The Fight of our Lives” was a little high on the drama chart. With members of Local 798 battling job-related cancer and some of our brothers on their first and second tours in Afghanistan and Iraq, we felt that using the term “Fight of our Lives” was a bit much. You’d think if the CPF was in the “fight of our lives” they would take advantage of the brothers and sisters of Local 798, who know something or two about the political game, and give them a seat on the CPF Executive Board.

Lastly, the Burning Man Festival is just around the corner. Any interested parties may contact Duane Rivera from Truck 7 or Jim Vannucchi from Truck 2 regarding travel arrangements and where we will be staged.


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