Local 798 Softball League Comes To An End With Station 3/36 Regaining The Title
By Steve Engler
June 14, 2005, was the day that the Local 798 softball league came to an end for the 2005 season. It was a beautiful day at Jackson Park, and four teams showed up to battle for the title of the Local 798 softball champions. This title would entitle the winner bragging rights for the next year, as well as, a plaque for the players on the top two teams to steal possession of back and forth until they tire of the antics.

The first games played were the playoff games. Playing on field # 1 were Station 15, the winner of the league with a 7 wins and 1 loss record, against Station 7. This would be Stations 7’s first appearance in the playoffs since Al Gughimetti started the league in 1968, when it was individual firehouses playing each other for bragging rights and a couple cases of beer. The game started with Station 7 taking an early lead behind the pitching of Ta’ape and solid play by the defense of the Station 7 team. In the fourth inning down by 3 runs, Station 15 could not be held back any longer. The ball started flying all over the park. Station 7 tried to rally in the 7th with a 3 run blast by Jose Zalba, his 3rd of the day, but it would not be enough. Station 15 won the spot in the Championship game 24-14.

On the other side of the diamond, Station 9 and Station 3/36 were preparing for their game. Station 9, having won the regular season game, called the coin toss and winning the flip, shrewdly chose to hit first. It was a great game, but in the end Station 9 could not quiet the bats of Station 3/36. Mike Horta, the teams spark for the year after beating Station 1, once again was automatic, reaching base at will, having taken batting instruction from Barry Lo. Also Dwayne Curry and Bob Scheppler were unstoppable; this followed by the bat of Matt “Woody” Scola and the “slick fielding shortstop” Jim Fewell. Final score: 18 runs to 2. Station 3/36 advanced to the finals.

After a short break, to try and organize the BBQ and more importantly to welcome retired members and fans alike, just a few to be named being: Al Lambrects, Bill Britt, Ray Mcgrath, Leo Martinez, Jim Cunnie, Art Kenny, Gary Leal, Gerry Heffernan, Tom Kelly, Jose Capitain, Tom O’Conner, Brendan Ward, Dave Britt, as well as Jim and Nancy Fewell (any I am missing I apologize). The Umpire and Administration arrived and Al Lambrects and Chief Joanne Hayes-White were ready to throw out the first pitch.

The game started and after 3 innings of a 9-inning game the score was 4 runs for Station 3/36 to zero for Station 15, thanks greatly to a towering blast by Charlie McCoy. It seemed that Bob Scheppler and Bob Navarro had a pitchers dual in the works. Station 3/36 kept chipping away with Dwayne Curry turning routine singles into doubles and triples. Jim Fewell, Bob Scheppler, Jason Riechard, and Charlie McCoy were on base whenever anyone looked at the field, and in the end the Final score was 19-5 with Station 3/36 regaining the championship.

I would like to thank all the members who participated in the season this year. Whether you played, “stood-by” for someone so they could, or just showed up in support. Once again it was thoroughly enjoyable. I would like to thank Pete Fatooh, Mike Pera, Bob Kishi, and Jack Taylor for umpiring, and the staff at Park and Rec., Mike Cheatham, John Cosmos, and Stacy for helping and making the league not only hassle free but enjoyable, as well as the Executive Board of Local 798 for making the league possible. Lastly, I would like to thank Al Gughimetti. Not only did “Gughi” start this league over 37 years ago, but he is still greatly involved. Every Tuesday at 6:45am, I would get a call and hear, “What you’re not up yet? The fields look good.”, or if not, “It’s too wet, I called the stations and cancelled, we’ll reschedule.” It was always a pleasure working with you and it is a pleasure helping you run the league. Until next year, remember rosters are due in February.

Champions - Station 3/36
2nd Place - Station 15
Photos provided by Steve Engler


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