Who to Call in Case of Death of a Retired City Employee
By Jim Vannucchi, Director
Sadly, at some point in life, we are all faced with dealing with the passing of a loved one. The issues are complex, from the emotional loss to the economic re-structuring.

To assist all with some of the steps that should be taken when this unfortunate matter arises, the following entities should be contacted:

• CCSF Department of Public Health 1-415-554-2500 or the County Health Department where the death occurred in order to obtain a minimum of 5 death certificates.
• CCSF Retirement System* 1-415-554-1500
• Social Security Administration
• US Veterans’ Administration
• CCSF Health Service System* 1-415-554-1725
• Department of Motor Vehicles Gift of Life 1-415-557-1179
• Credit Unions, Bank, Savings & Loans, etc.
• Insurance Companies
• Investment Firms
• Unions
• Fraternal Organizations

* The CCSF Health Service System should be contacted within 30 DAYS of passing in order to maintain uninterrupted benefits and the CCSF Retirement System as soon as possible.


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