Best Asset: Your Team
By: Sally A Casazza
As I look back on the 2005 Toy Season I think about all the people who helped put it together. The Old Guys in the “Laguna Honda” room who help to process the applications, after delivering them to the Battalions. The Firefighters, fielding questions from the public, about when and how to receive the Toys. The volunteers who stock the shelves, run the front desk, and help keep the inventory maintained at the Toy Program and our Warehouse. DeeDee who is the “Barrel Person” tracking the barrels we have through out the City, and on behalf of BOMA. Jill who is doing the Trailer, and filling the many Lunches, Parties, and other events that the Toy Program is involved in as well as our latest venture at the SF Zoo, and the many Street Fairs. Chello, who helps to keep our building looking great! The Firehouses who cooked lunch during the Season, on weekdays, and weekends too, Thanks so much! You ALWAYS come through!!

To our many donors and folks who helped us with PR. To the wives, husbands, and “Significant Others”, of the Firefighters who did whatever was asked, be it last minute, or planned Thank You.

To the Retirees, and their families, Thank You.

To the Staff at the San Francisco Fire Department, the Chiefs’ Office, and Chief Hayes White, Thank You.

To the Executive Board, at Local 798, and my Boss, President John Hanley, Thanks!

Dennis Kruger for being a good sounding board, Thanks!

My friends, and co workers, Gail, and Barbara,Thanks!

Some say “Passion” is an overused word, however it is critical in running a business. Passion, not money is the fuel, that keeps you going, that pulls you out of Bed each morning.

The best asset is a good Team! Together, Everyone achieves more.

Thank You for sharing my passion!!

See You Next Year!!!!!!


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