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San Francisco Fire Golf Club 2006

With the turn of the New Year the golf club is gearing up for 2006. Once again we have put together a fantastic schedule with some old favorites and one new course that I think the club is going to love. Stonetree is a new course in Novato that the committee went and played when it opened. We loved the course and thought the members would also like to play there. But at the time the course wanted too much money and we opted not to try to book the course. Two years later upper end golf courses are not getting the play that they were hoping for and we were able to work out a contract that was acceptable to the committee. We hope that the members like the schedule as we do; I think that we have maybe the best line-up ever and when you throw in three road trips… Wow!!! Speaking of the road trips, we once again will be going on a two-day golf expedition down to the Monterey area, which has become a sell out event the last two years. We urge everyone to get his or her groups together and plan to have your money in early, this event does sell out.

At this time the summer trip is still being put together and we will let everyone know the dates ASAP. Most likely the trip is going to be at or near the end of July. It will also be a two-day trip and most likely be in the foothills again as the members had a good time on the trip last year. We will keep you informed on the particulars when we get more information.

Our third trip is the Reno Golf Trip and this year we hope to get more of our golf members to attend. At one time we discussed making this trip part of the golf club schedule in hopes to increase attendance, but we had almost fifty people last year so we think that we are on an upturn and will have even more players this year. Again I urge all of the golfers in the department to try to attend the Reno trip it is a good time and everything is taken care of including three meals and a drink badge for inside the hotel cocktails.

Our first event of the year is at Poppy Ridge and will be followed by our awards dinner and we will be awarding our first back-to-back champion. Bobby Jackson last year became the only repeat winner in the clubs history. He followed that feat by playing steady and consistent golf to get into an early lead, which he refused to relinquish. Several players were chasing him, but in the last event of the year he secured the title by once again playing solid golf forcing the chasers to post an extraordinary round to catch him.

Guys if you want to take the trophy from Bobby you better practice and come prepared from the beginning of the season, because we know that the last two years Bobby took an early lead and built on that the rest of the year. Nice playing Bobby and good luck this year.

We hope to see everyone at the first event so sign up and lets get someone to stop Mister Jackson from getting that early lead this year. If anyone has any questions about the schedule or membership in the club call me at Station 17 I work in tour 25 and John is off on DP currently. Otherwise you can try to track Frank Bonel down he is in the 42,44,43 Swing. Thanks and I hope everyone has a golf first this year, for me a” hole in one” would be nice!!

Darryl Loo


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